I am an interdisciplinary artist working in the field of sound, performances and visuals. My work walks on the border between reality and fiction questioning the viewer’s perspective on the world.

Stories help me cope with reality. It shapes the complex world into something that I can understand and that feels personal to me. Stories can add another dimension to what is already there. It’s like wearing coloured glasses and wearing sound transforming earmuffs. It allows you to see beyond what is already there.

I transform the stories and worlds inside my head into tangible experiences for other people, giving them a sneak peek into my mind. This can be done via music, spoken and written stories, soundscapes or audio-visual installations. Often I use a computer to give auditory and visual shape to my imagination.

My inspiration comes from experiences and dreams that I have had in the past. Often while daydreaming, very clear images and text pop up in my mind. I usually make short sketches on paper of what I see. Then I write a description of what the final work could look, sound, or smell like. While working I experiment with materials, visuals and sounds that connect to what I envision.


My name is Piet Verkleij alias Skykey . I am a Dutch artist & musician based in the Hague the Netherlands. Music, sound and fantastical stories have been part of me my whole life. I started singing in a choir on a very young age and practiced many instruments during my child and adolescent life. After a short period in design at the Design Academy Eindhoven I switched to the sound and visual arts during my study in ArtScience at the Royal Academy of Arts and the Royal Conservatory in the Hague. I now practice as an independent artist and singersongwriter while continuing my studies at the ArtScience interfaculty.

Skykey, 2021