Ancestor Incognito II | The life of a donor child

A DNA music piece for two players and a prepared piano
This composition is a quatre mains prepared piano-piece about the life of a child concieved by Artificial Insemination. All of the notes written down by me are taken from my DNA code.

In the piece two players represent my parents.  It shows their influence on me by transitioning from strictly playing notes taken from my DNA code, to improvising in between the notes. This improvisation is done on prepared (different sounding) keys showing the difference between my “DNA notes” and the notes that my parents put in. Throughout the piece the amount of improvised notes increases showing the influence that parents have on a developing child.

I listened to a lot of old recordings recorded when I was a little child. Many of these recordings are songs I sung with my parents. These fitted the piano piece very well so I integrated them in the movements.”

Skykey, 2023